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(877) 439-3741

Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00 am -8:00 pm


(877) 439-3741

Hours: Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00 am -8:00 pm


Retail Services and Point of Sales Management

Creating exceptional customer experiences that will translate into sales. Leading retailers and start ups trust us to deliver the tools and solutions designed to maximize revenues by transforming their customers’ interactions at the point of sale. As customer loyalty is primarily driven by the shopping experience, we work closely with retailers to interpret and conceptualize the trends that will consistently respond to the way customers want to buy.

Market Analysis

Connecting the dots to develop winning go-to-market strategies is what we excel at. We help retailers understand how the market works and what their customers want. Business metrics, analytic techniques and surveys are used to measure the performance of marketing initiatives, in addition to assessing the attractiveness and the dynamics shaping the market being targeted.


We are committed to providing your floor representatives, associates, in-store staff and promoters the confidence, skills and ability to consistently reach sales targets and improve business performance. We complement our efforts with brand and category guidelines to further understand the attributes, benefits and scope defining each particular product on the sales floor.

Category Management

Categorizing brands and products effectively is your roadmap to success. Let our team design and implement tailored strategies to maximize inventory productivity and achieve consistent profit margin growth. Expanding your market share and gaining customer satisfaction will lead to increased sales volumes along with higher foot traffic into your stores.

Promotion Staff

We provide client-tailored promotional staff to help businesses boost sales and increase product recognition through unforgettable brand experiences. Brand ambassadors, product promoters and models, who are marketing savvy, sales driven and charismatic, will engage and connect with guests, so as to turn every one of them into loyal customers.


Our dedicated team of merchandising professionals optimize retail shoppability by making a product visually appealing and easily accessible to the potential buyer. Focused on creating innovative retail environments able to turn consumer demand into purchase, we design skillful displays and advertising material that will enhance the equity of the product, line or brand you intend to promote.